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New Look and Features
Arrive to the LOC Mobile App

With the new look to LOC, we have updated our mobile app and added new features to make your experience even better. In addition to the features below, we have added behind the scenes functionality to increase security—including an app update reminder so you can know when a new release is available in the event you do not have auto-app update turned on.

New Mobile App Login Screen

New Menu Options for Loan Applications and Making An Appointment

You’ll have easy access to a fully responsive, mobile-friendly loan application and option to make an appointment at an LOC Financial Success Center. These options are available whether you are logged in or not. We’ve simplified our loan application to three easy steps and can provide you with an instant decision—even when we are not open!

New Make An Appointment and Loan Application Options

New Make an Appointment and Loan Application Options

Account Type Summary / Account Totals

You will have the option to view totals by account type (Shares, Checking, Loans) as well as an overall Accounts Total.  You can toggle between the basic view and summary view by the icon in the upper right hand corner as indicated below.

New Account Type Summary

New Account Totals

Option to Search History

You will have the option to search your account history.  You will be able to search by date range and/or other free-form criteria such as dollar amount or description. A new magnifying glass icon will appear in the upper right hand corner of each account.  Select that option to search history.

 New Search Option

New Search Option 

Transfer Memo

You will have the option to add a memo each time you make a transfer or payment.  These memos can then be used for search purposes.

New Memo Option for Transfers and Payments

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