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Debt Consolidation

Knock out high-interest debt.

Are your finances feeling a little overweight and bloated with high-interest rate debt that seems to be taking years to pay off? Let LOC be your money’s personal trainer!

Our team can help you get your finances in shape.  So what are you waiting for? Let’s get Financially Fit TogetherSM

Personal Loan Rates Starting As Low As 6.99% APR

If you are looking for a loan to consolidate credit cards, our personal loan options can also help you reduce your outstanding debt into a single loan. Our team of experts can provide a personal loan review to show you how it could be the best way for settling credit card debt. Compare bank personal loans and other personal loan providers to LOC, and you'll find we have some of the best low interest rate personal loans around! It’s a great plan to more easily manage your debt with one simple personal loan payment featuring a lower interest rate with fixed term.  We offer both short and long term personal loan options.

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VISA Platinum Credit Card

With 0% APR on all balance transfers for the first 6 months for qualified borrowers,* now’s the time switch now to our VISA® Platinum Credit Card to start losing the weight of the extra debt quicker.

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Home Equity

Did you know your home could be a source of money muscle?  So why not flex it!  LOC offers two options to tap in to your equity—a fixed-term loan and a line of credit.  Regardless of the option that’s right for you, you’ll enjoy no closing costs, annual fees and application fees.

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Auto Equity

If you own your car outright or have a small balance left on your loan, talk to us about how we can help you use your car's value to secure a loan to pay off other debt.

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*Interest and savings are estimates. Actual savings may vary based on loan amount, term, early payoff and payment history.

Get Started Online

Regardless of which option is best for your situation, we’ll help you get fatter where it counts--in your wallet. If you’re interested in applying you can get the process started today by applying online for your personal loan today.  

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Consult With Us In Person

If you prefer to speak with someone to go over your debt consolidation situation, come into an LOC branch for a free personal loan review today. Or make an appointment to speak with one of our financial fitness coaches.  We'll get you Financially Fit Together! 

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Our Members Are Getting
Financially Fit

LOC helped lower my interest rate from 22.9% to 5.90%. I have had no trouble getting a loan from LOC for each of the four or five times I've needed one. I have so much to thank LOC for their help over the 25+ years of being a member. Thank you LOC!

Virginia and LOCFinancially Fit Together ℠

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We want you to be financially fit!

See how we've helped members get their finances in shape.

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