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We are helping our members get their finances in shape!

First of all, I'd like to tell you how happy we are and have been with the customer service provided to us by pretty much everyone we have had the pleasure of working with from LOC Federal Credit Union. More recently, we have worked with Crystal and we can't say enough about Crystal's attentiveness, her energy, her attention to detail and her consistent follow-up and her timeliness in sticking to her word. She has demonstrated over and over how important we are to her and LOC and she exemplifies what customer service should be. LOC has saved us tons of money through refinancing various vehicle loans and we love it because we have a one stop shop for almost all of our "financing" needs. We plan on refinancing our mortgage very soon and are looking forward to the service and additional savings to come. Thank you and we love you LOC!


Crystal handled the whole loan process very easily. I will refer her and LOC to others for sure. She's a great asset!


A big thank you goes out to Adin. She made getting a vehicle loan easy. She was fast, efficient and personable. All of your people are great, but Adin really stood out. I look forward to dealing with Adin the next time we need a loan.


Peggy and Colton were extremely helpful. I needed to track down a few check deposits. Without knowing when they were deposited, they took the time to search many dates to find exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much, LOC!


I transferred my loan to LOC and saved $1,355! Thanks to Rachel and the rest of the LOC team! LOC is awesome and is MY credit union!


LOC provides the best/lowest rate loans over any bank or financial institution. Our loan office was very knowledgeable and answered all questions efficiently. Overall, LOC has been professional and courteous throughout the entire loan process.


After a poor experience dealing with another financial institution, I was apprehensive to go through the process again to get a boat loan. I couldn't have been more surprised how friendly the staff is at LOC, especially Crystal! She made the whole process simple and I'm actually excited to do more business with LOC! She is great!


I love my credit union! Adin was a great help and everyone else has always been very helpful, no matter what questions I ask. I'm your best advertisement!!! Everything I own in financed through LOC.


Donna was extremely helpful as I navigated the paperwork to refinance my two auto loan leases. Donna was patient with my many questions and helped me out a ton. It was a pleasure doing business with her!


The Hartland branch was friendly and fast! Colton did an amazing job on my auto loan. I'm very pleased with LOC and this will be the only place I get loans from!


I worked with Crystal on a personal loan recently. She was very positive and energetic and provided me with very sound advice. I've been a member with LOC for 17 years and have continually had a positive experience.


By consolidating my credit card into a personal loan, I will be saving over $17,000 over the life of the loan! This was a very engaging and respectful experience. Donna helped me get my truck loan along with a VISA credit card transfer at a significantly lower interest rate.


Barb was a huge help when I was purchasing my first car. I live in Grand Rapids but grew up in Hartland. My mom had told me how low LOC's car loan rates were and I knew I wanted to use them for a loan. I wasn't planning to purchase right away but when a great deal came across, I couldn't pass it up. Barb got everything ready for me within the week and was ready to sign by that Friday. I had originally told her the sticker price of the vehicle was what I wanted to take out in a loan. Before processing everything, she wanted to make sure I knew that I could take out the full amount on the vehicle and use the remainder to pay off some student loans that have a higher interest rate. I felt silly for nothing thinking of that on my own, but was glad she mentioned it. After I told her I definitely wanted to do that, she later came back and told me that I was approved for the total amount that the car was worth (which was more than selling price) if I wanted to take that amount out instead. In the end, Barb saved me $4,500 which I put towards my 6.8% student loan. She had everything ready for me the minute I walked in the door and I was out of there in a short amount of time and on my way to the dealership.


When looking into needing a loan, we reached out to Barb who was helped us in the past. She had by far exceeded my expectations, and was always quick to respond. She and LOC have gone above and beyond to assist me in all the questions and concerns I have had.


Barb was not only very efficient and professional, but also very personable. She made sure I knew what all of my options were and that I understood them. She even called the dealership to help straighten out some issues I was having. If I ever have a doctor who's trying to cut at the wrong organ, it will be Barb that I have call the hospital (and she'll do it!) Thanks, Barb!


We came to LOC to have paperwork notarized for a loan through a different financial institution. After talking with Colton, he was able to save us over $5,000 on the same dollar amount and same length of time on the loan! Thank you for taking the time to share info with us so that we could have this savings!


I recently found myself needing to finance two vehicles at relatively the same time. Colton's help with the first loan and the extra required paperwork was not only appreciated, it made me realize that I don't need to look anywhere else for other loans. I closed on on the loan Friday afternoon and picked up the car Saturday. Thanks for marking this part of the process easy, and to think it all started with my son's savings account in the Quacker's Club years ago!


LOC has always been very helpful through the years. All of the employees are efficient and friendly. I love doing my banking with LOC! =)


I felt I received an excellent interest rate on a recent auto loan. I was given exemplary and thoughtful counseling and advice and felt my needs were understood completely. My best interests remained foremost the entire time. I'm especially thankful for the tips regarding dealing with the dealership when alternative approaches were possible. Donna was a pleasure to work with during all aspects of the process.


Donna at LOC has been very helpful to me when it comes to meeting many of my financial needs. Over the years she has helped me in obtaining a new RV, refinancing loans, as well as helping me with my home. The staff at LOC is always very professional and helpful.


I was having trouble making meaningful progress on my high interest credit card balances. I applied for a personal loan. I was promptly contacted by Donna, who walked me through each step of the process and in the end helped relieve a HUGE amount of emotional and financial burden! Thanks so much to Donna and LOC for everything!


Needed to consolidate some credit card debt. We were looking at an average APR of 25% and after sitting down with LOC, we now have that rate down to 8% thanks to a personal loan. It would have taken 11 years to pay off those cards, but thanks to LOC it's been reduced to 5 years (or less). Minimum monthly payments were previously $1,329 a month, but are now down to $475. Crystal was extremely helpful and I was very pleased how quickly we were able to close on this loan. Thank you!


Crystal has become our homes go-to girl for all things financial. She refinanced our auto loans, started the kids savings accounts and has made it all convenient and fun! Thank you Crystal and LOC!


Came in to LOC feeling depressed, not knowing which way was up. Then, I spoke with Laura. Her patience and understanding helped clarify things for me and she spoke of so many options in which to ponder. Her kindness and understanding of not only my problem, but how LOC works, helped her help me and I'm feeling SO much better. I cannot thank her enough; she is a great asset to LOC and its members!


Thanks to LOC we're now saving $300 a month by refinancing our RV & Boat. The LOC team was very helpful in providing us with the options and rates to do so. The team was professional and extremely helpful during the entire process from start to finish.

Deb & Joe

We received world-class customer service from Donna in our efforts to secure a home equity line of credit. She was courteous, patient, informative and efficient. It was one of the best experiences I've ever had. Kudos and keep it up!


I've been with LOC since 2011. Donna from the Farmington branch was extremely helpful in expanding my array of services. I have just had a savings account with LOC for over five years. Donna was so helpful, informative, and pleasant when describing the services offered that she brought tears to my eyes. Happy tears, of course!


Colton and LOC worked hard to refinance my truck, saving me over $8,000 on a loan I previously had & went from 24% to 7.24%. I couldn’t be more surprised and grateful for their diligence.


Donna was able to help me get a car loan at a good rate as well as help me with a balance transfer to help improve my credit as well as my cash flow. Her service was prompt and she has great knowledge and understanding of financial situations. I would recommend LOC and Donna to help with any banking needs.


After accidentally throwing away some paperwork that I needed for my taxes, I stopped at the Hartland branch for help. Patrick and Colton went above and beyond in helping me reacquire these documents and were amazing throughout the entire process.


Crystal has assisted me on two separate loans. I could not ask for better service. Crystal goes the extra mile to make sure everything goes fast and smooth.


Donna has been very helpful in helping me with my loan for my truck and camper this year. She has been extremely efficient and helpful in making my needs be met. She is very knowledgeable of all procedures and extremely friendly. I will recommend LOC and Donna for  anyone who would quality for services at LOC.


LOC was very efficient with addressing my needs. Patrick was very helpful with my deposits, helping me set up the LOC mobile app and getting logged in to online banking.


Donna did a wonderful job in helping get everything together in order to get my loan finalized. She was able to lower my auto payment by more than $60 per month. Donna is a real joy to work with and is always very friendly and professional. I would recommend anyone looking for an auto loan or anything else to give LOC a call!


LOC Federal saved my over $330 per month off of my car loan and thousands off my interest fees! Thank you LOC Federal!


I've had a small amount of nagging credit card debt I have always been meaning to consolidate. My co-worker who obtained her car loan from LOC referred me to Jody. In one day, Jody helped me consolidate and get me on the financially fit path!


Quick approval, application was not too involved, and was provided the perfect amount of assistance in understanding the procedure. We were able to drop interest rates from 12% and 14% down to 8%. Colton was valuable throughout the entire process and especially in putting the paperwork through very quickly.


Had a mix up on card for ATM. The wonderful Jan helped steer me to the proper manager who was then able to take care of everything and made my card right! I can't thank you enough for your professionalism.


Patrick was able to help with get my online banking up and running smoothly as well as showing me around the mobile app. He was very helpful!


Jody was an incredible help to me today. There was an error in my business account and it had to be closed and a new one opened. I was disappointed about this, and Jody did the perfect amount of empathizing, as well as completely made the situation right. She set up my new accounts and made sure the online services were working for me as well. She was an amazing professional and kept me a very happy member. I very much appreciate the what she did for me!


I recently consolidated credit cards and medical bills into one easy payment! My interest rates went from the high 20's to 8.5%, saving me hundreds!! The process was quick and painless.


Meagan and Crystal went above and beyond to help me with my car loan. It was such a great experience. I have recommended LOC for years and will continue to do so! :)


Julie is a wonderful person. She and you all have helped me through tough times. She always has a smile and helps to figure out my situation. She deserves a big hug! 


LOC has helped us save on our car loans over the years. The first loan was reduced from 5.3% to 2.5%, the second loan is at 2.24%. Also the balance transfer offer on a new VISA credit card was 0% for six months compared to 12.99% on a $9,000 balance. Donna was very friendly and well versed on her job and made sure we were all set and satisfied.


I came in to get information for a loan and every question I asked was answered and everyone made sure that everything was done quickly and professionally.


I walked in with a simple inquiry regarding a personal loan to pay off a credit card debt. Donna made it all so easy. She's pleasant and knows her stuff! I watched my interest rate go from 23% to 7.9% in less than 48 hours! I'm a happy member!


I have been a member of LOC for over 30 years. In that time, I can remember the small town local atmosphere of the Farmington Liberty Road branch. When my wife and I moved out to Brighton, I was pleased to hear about the Hartland branch opening. It has been a pleasure working with your loan officer, Barb. She is very professional and compassionate and went above and beyond in helping us on our third loan. It's so nice to have that small town atmosphere again with LOC.


I recently had the pleasure of working with Jan and I have to say, she is so cool. She was very pleasant and went to great lengths to help me with my problem. I love you guys!


Sean is now at St. Patrick School in 8th grade. He started his LOC account through the Farms Intermediate student-run branch in 5th grade. His new school just started a finance program through a class and he was SO proud to say he already had a savings account with a good amount of money in it. His classmates were very impressed.


Thank you Adin, as well as everyone at the Howell branch. They're perfect! My loan was approved fast and was accurately. Thank you LOC!


LOC saved me lots of money and greatly decreased my interest rate from 21% to 9%.


LOC saved me $13,000 in interest by consolidating my three credit cards. LOC was so very helpful, so very professional, and so ready to take the extra time to answer all of my questions so very thoroughly!


LOC saved me 10% over 4 years. My original credit card interest rate was 22.75% and LOC was able to give me a rate of 6.4%. Crystal was very friendly and understanding. She was able to get me the loan in just two days. I highly recommend LOC for all of your financial needs.


LOC did a great job helping me save money. Barb took the extra step with helping me and coaching me through all of my specific needs. She had an outstanding source of knowledge with every aspect of my banking. She always had the perfect answer, and it was so easy to understand. Thanks to Barb, I will continue to go to LOC Federal Credit Union for all of my banking needs. I will be sure to tell friends and family what a great job all of your team members have done to help me and make me satisfied.


The staff at the Hartland office is the most professional, cordial, friendly, family-like, supportive of most companies I have ever worked with. I have been a member for almost 30 years and they are my favorites. Thank you for each and everyone of them!!!


Very fast process! I was in and our faster than a fast food restaurant! Mr. Strong was very efficient and helpful in meeting my problem deadline. It's an absolute pleasure doing business here.


LOC Federal Credit Union helped my husband and I pay off a credit card with a high interest rate, saving us almost 17% in interest. We appreciate the partnership that we have with LOC!


First time application. Colton was extremely courteous, fast and helpful. Process was easy and fast. Great experience and I would recommend Colton and LOC to any of my friends.


LOC is always very helpful in helping with our financial needs. We especially like working with Meagan. This is the third time we have worked with her!


I can't say enough of how Jennifer turned a financial disaster into such an enlightening and calming experience. She instantly put me at ease with no judgment and assured me I had options to resolve my issues. She spent the time to show me all of the tools I had at my disposal while also assuring me at the same time I had no reason to fear of being exposed financially online. This fear has caused my ignorance and was preventing me from becoming financially savvy. I also would like to applaud Kathy's tenacity to encourage me to come in to the branch and discuss the credit line and your representations for assistance. Be assured I will be your biggest verbal advocate in the coming weeks/months because of these two lovely ladies.


Colton and LOC helped me to understand my checking account and how to keep me from having fees. He also was able to get me a loan and cash so that I will be able to purchase a new vehicle. I truly enjoyed the conversation and interaction with Colton.


When I first looked at a truck loan I was exploring the trade-in of a 2015 Silverado for a new 2017 Silverado. After looking at the numbers, I quickly decided that a used truck might save me a good deal of money. I found a 2013 Ford F-150 with 20,000 miles. The application and approval came almost instantly. Thanks, Donna!


We recently purchased a used vehicle and Crystal went above and beyond to educate us on the best loan that was available to us. She further went above and beyond when we weren't able to make our loan closing, due to really bad traffic. She personally contacted another branch that was open on the weekend, and got us an appointment to close our loan. Crystal's upbeat personality and can-do attitude were much appreciated during a stressful time. Thanks, Crystal!


I went from an interest rate of 17.24% to 0% for six months by switching to LOC. My previous credit union was unwilling to work with me but LOC was. Thank you LOC!


I stopped in earlier this month to see about a car loan to help by 16 year old daughter finance a car. Barb was there to help me- and in more ways than just with the car loan. She helped me save money by getting me an increase in my credit limit on my LOC Visa with a much lower interest rate, walked me through some of the improvements to my credit score from last year's score, and set me up with a low-interest loan for $2,500 for the car. Before I closed the $2500 loan, my furnace at home gave out and Barb was able to work with the underwriter's staff to get that $2500 loan increased to $7,000 which was allowed me to have a new furnace installed and still get a vehicle for my daughter! Barb is also currently waiting on my to find a replacement for my 2014 Chevy Cruze that's lease is ending so that I can use the $20,000 auto loan that I've also been approved for. Barb's just been amazingly helpful and fantastic to work with! I would recommend her and LOC to anyone needing financing for everything from furnaces to cars!


LOC helped me regain control of my finances and get back on track with my debt! Thanks to LOC for giving my my financial security. A special thanks goes out to Meagan at the Howell branch for walking me through each step and being patient with my schedule! I could not be happier! LOC for life!


We didn't see a light at the end of the tunnel. But after talking with Crystal at the Howell branch, she gave us the encouragement we needed! Not only giving us the second best interest rate available at LOC, but shortening the time it would take us to pay off our debt by over 20 years!!! We will be saving $14,500 in interest and will be out of debt in 5 years!!! LOC really does mean "Getting Financially Fit Together". We will be going back to LOC and working with Crystal when it's time to buy our next car in another year! 


LOC saved me a lot and working with Crystal at the Howell branch was fantastic! I will continue to use LOC for all of my financial needs.


LOC helped me by getting me a loan to pay off my high interest credit card. They helped me cut 30+ years of payments into 5 years with a great interest rate! Colton was very quick, efficient and friendly and got me squared away in no time! I would recommend Colton to any of my family and friends! Thank you LOC!


Great service and communications with Jody at LOC. She helped save me $3,753 in interest!!! This is one of the many reasons I do business with LOC!


LOC was able to help me save 7% in interest on my car loan. I also was able to get a shorter term. Thank you LOC!


LOC helped lower my interest rate from 22.9% to 5.90%. I have had no trouble getting a loan from LOC for each of the four or five times I've needed one. I have so much to thank LOC for their help over the 25+ years of being a member. Thank you LOC!


Let me start by saying that since I have joined soon after my divorce five years ago, LOC has been nothing but helpful! My first experience was with Debbie, who helped me get a personal loan to buy a used car. This helped to build my credit. Rachel and Julie have also been very helpful. I am now discovering how I can consolidate my loans at a lower interest rate with their help. Thank you LOC!


Brittany was very helpful in completing my transaction. She performed her tasks precisely, and has a positive attitude and a warm smile!


I just completed my two year tenure as the treasurer for Lakes Elementary PTO. Jody helped me get the names on the account updated when we elected the new board and made the transition seamless. Over the two years as treasurer, she was available for any questions we had along the way. We often make large deposits and Jody and the staff at the Hartland branch were always friendly and efficient with the transactions. Jody also helped me get accounts set up for my three children, which I had been meaning to do for a very long time. Thank you for the great service!


This summer my car broke down out of state and I needed to get it fixed using my credit card with an interest rate of 13.9%. LOC gave me a personal loan at 5.9% and is going to save me $3,000 in interest. They were amazing!


Jodi and LOC helped me save interest on my loan. It was a very engaging process and I'm so glad I became a member! It was both a very efficient and very educational experience.


My father had recently passed away and I needed to refinance his truck under my name. It was a long stressful process obtaining the paperwork, but Crystal stepped in and handled my loan account in a very timely, efficient and pleasant manner. She was wonderful and I am very grateful!


Thanks to LOC, I was able to bring my payment down from $176 a month to $141 a month and my interest rate was cut in half!


Barb Clow is the best!! Barb has now taken care of us on three car loans, all three seemed to go from application to closing effortlessly. Most recent, we saved almost $150.00 per month by refinancing. Barb is always on top of things and we were kept informed every step of the way in the loan process. Thank you Barb!


Come home to LOC Federal Credit Union where they treat you like family. Whether it's checking, savings, or loans, I receive personal advice tailored to my specific needs. Colton, Barb and Jody were all able to customize a loan that was right for me.


LOC saved me close to $1,000 in interest on my camper loan. The process was quick & Barb Clow at the Hartland branch was awesome! Barb is an asset to LOC as she is a wealth of information about LOC products and services and always puts customer service as her top priority! Way to go LOC and way to go Barb!


Barb at the Hartland branch has been exceptional through the transfer process from my original credit union to LOC. She helped me set up all of my accounts, procured a car loan and surprised me with a VISA 0% interest for 6 months. Barb is knowledgeable, efficient and always available to answer all my questions.

- Carrie

Barb at the Hartland branch was amazing! I applied for a VISA to pay off other high interest credit cards and not only did she get me a great interest rate she was able to also get my RV camper refinanced saving me thousands of dollars in interest and lowering my monthly payment to cut down three years off my loan. LOC has tremendously helped me improve my credit and lower my monthly bills. Thanks so much Barb!

- Michelle

I came into the Howell branch to apply for an auto loan and was amazed at how fast and smooth the application process went. I especially appreciated Meagan for going the extra mile to make this happen. Her knowledge and professionalism was five stars and I was delighted to have such great customer service at LOC. I have and will continue to do all my banking here.

- Eileen

LOC has been wonderful by saving us over $900 a month by reducing our interest rate and closing 11 credit cards. Now we will be able to pay other bills that we had trouble on.

- Kevin

Donna at the Farmington branch was able to pay off our Chase card at 21.99% interest.

- Linda

Laura at the Howell branch helped me set up mobile banking on my phone. I don't have internet at home so I have been driving 25 minutes, going to the library or calling just to check my balance. This mobile app is great and is saving me time and fuel!

- Renee

Meagan at the Howell branch did an excellent job at expediting my loan process and was able to save me 3% over all other lenders!

- Jason

LOC was able to save me money by consolidating my credit cards that saved me 16% interest and a total savings of $1,383!

- Robert

Crystal at the Howell branch was friendly and quick to respond to all of our needs through the loan process. With a debt consolidation loan, we are saving over 16% on interest rates from credit card debt and $400 a month on credit card payments. We are also getting away from revolving loan debt and working toward raising our credit scores back to a more favorable status. We are so happy we have LOC for support!

- Stacey

While cashing a check from my son at the Hartland Branch, Laura noticed that it had insufficient funds and ended up holding the check for a few days. Her alertness saved my son $30.

- Gilbert

I was involved with a bill paying dilemma with my insurance company and when I came to LOC for help, Rachel at the Howell branch welcomed me with compassion and support. She listened to me carefully and we called the company together and because of her assistance, the issue was settled. She represented LOC with such strength and knowledge that I felt calm in the midst of a storm. Thank you LOC for having such a wonderful employee that gives that extra effort to serve your members.

- Gail

My experience with Crystal at the Howell branch was fantastic. She was very professional, informative and efficient. My needs were addressed and I am saving $200 per month by refinancing my truck. Over the course of the loan, LOC will be saving me over $9,000. I will be a member for life.

- Jeremy

When applying for an auto loan, Donna at the Farmington branch helped identify the loan length that would work best. She assisted with the insurance agent and was very efficient and engaging during the preliminary and completion of the application. The loan process was a very positive experience.

- Kathy

LOC saved me several years of minimum payments and over $80 per month in finance charges. Jody at the Hartland branch addressed my needs and found the specific and most efficient personal loan for me. She efficiently explained the finance savings and the no penalty or early payoff for loans.

- Benjamin

LOC helped me consolidate a credit card with a loan allowing me to be debt free within 3-4 years. Jenn at the Farmington branch was wonderful in helping me achieve my financial goal.

- Sarah

I have been a member since I was a teenager and have stayed with LOC for all of my banking needs even while living out of state. Staci at the Farmington branch has tremendously helped me with opening up my 15 year old sons first account with LOC. Opening this account out of state presented some complications. However, Staci was able to help me out with excellent customer service over the phone and by mail.

- Chris

In particular, we would like to thank Susan, Laura and Cindy at the Farmington branch for exceptional customer service in processing our RV loan. The process was fast, friendly and flawless. We will highly recommend LOC to everyone.

- Dave and Marilyn

We have had an account here for more years than I can count. In every case, I have been treated professionally, courteously and with a genuine sense of care. Well done LOC!

- James

I love banking at LOC! It's great to have a bank you can count on. Online banking, overdraft protection, a great loan department and the friendliest tellers are all what keeps me here. I love walking in and hearing my name called. I especially love being able to deposit a check just by taking a photo from my phone with LOC's mobile banking app. I have been with LOC for 14 years and I will probably be with LOC the rest of my life... happily!

- Ron

I have been a member since the 1960's and have had many wonderful experiences with LOC. From loans to investments, the staff have always supported my needs over the years. The lack of fees and low interest rates has saved me a lot of money.

- Gerald

I had an account with Chase and used my line of credit for everything. Chase told me they were closing all of my overdraft lines that I greatly depended on. So I created a sign to sell my "wife" which is my yacht that I use as a summer home, until I decided to move everything from Chase to LOC. I am now ready to break up with my long term bank girlfriend and won't have to sell my yacht.

- Jerry

By consolidating my credit cards I was able to save about $150 a month. I am now able to pay off my medical bills, and it was so easy! All my questions were answered quickly and efficiently because there was great communication with Meagan from Howell. I will definitely recommend all my friends and family to LOC.

- Nicole

LOC helped with an anytime loan that is saving me 11.1% on credit card debt.

- Nic

I am now saving $243.91 per month on my auto loan thanks to Crystal from Howell. She maintained fantastic customer service by being friendly and informative. Thank you!

- Caroline

I have been an LOC member for over 30 years and have used most of the services offered. My four children are also members and agree that the services and care we receive by the staff are the best. LOC treats us like family. It is a great feeling to walk into the credit union and have employees greet me by name. I don't know why anyone would bank anywhere else.

- Kevin

I wanted to say thank you to Rachel at Howell for referring me to Members Home and Auto. I was very pleased when I spoke with the insurance agent and I am now saving over $200 a year.

- Barbara

Thanks to Crystal at Howell for saving us over 10% in interest with a signature loan from LOC. We were able to pay it off 3 years earlier for a total savings of $1,300. She also helped refinance our motorcycle saving us over 5% in interest and lowering our payment by $300 for a total savings of $1,320.

- Cheryl

Money was getting tight and I wasn't sure how to handle my bills, but Donna at Farmington came to my rescue and helped me with a solution to make the situation easy for me. LOC has always kept me in good financial shape since I've been with them. Thank you LOC!

- Diane

I called LOC wanting to apply for an auto loan. Jennifer at the Farmington branch worked extremely fast to process my loan the same day in order to qualify for dealer rebates. Without Jen's assistance and hard work, we would not have had the loan in time to purchase a vehicle. Her knowledge and determination helped speed the process along. Thank you!

- Valerie

As a member of LOC since 2004, I have always preferred to come inside for my transactions so I can see the friendly and knowledgeable staff. When I came into apply for a personal loan, Donna at the Farmington Branch made my experience quick and painless.

- Candice

I have been a member since 1966 and call the Farmington branch home. The employees are extremely knowledgeable in caring for member needs, and LOC has continuously exceeded my expectations in banking

- Murray

Crystal from Howell helped me with my auto loan fast and with no problems. LOC is saving me $80 a month and $3,000 in interest. Crystal is full of energy and I'll be sending people her way forever!

- Pete

I had an awesome experience at LOC. By refinancing my RV camper I saved approximately $200 a month. I recommend LOC Federal Credit Union to my friends, family and co-workers.

- Timothy

I recently refinanced my auto and personal loans at LOC and obtained a loan.  On all three, LOC helped me save money. I am happy that everything went well and that all my loans are conveniently at one institution.

- Aderian

Barb at Hartland was so helpful, knowledgeable and wonderful to work with. She was able to save me money by offering solutions. I was very impressed and happy with LOC and Barb!

- Nancy

From the service, great rates and friendly employees, I have been a happy LOC member since 1979.

- Paul

Jennifer at the Farmington branch made the lending process extremely easy and care free. Her attentiveness to the situation from phone calls to follow up, made me feel like I was her only client. Thank you!

- Gerald

I have been a happy LOC member since 1978. LOC has continuously worked to lower my interest rate on all my auto loans and home mortgages.

- Diane

Crystal at Howell is the best! I refer my clients over to Crystal every time the opportunity arises. She is always available, extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend doing business with Crystal and LOC.

- Chris

As newlyweds, my husband and I wanted to get rid of some high interest debt and consolidate it into payments we could manage and eventually eliminate. The LOC team was wonderful to work with and took as much time as we needed to go over all the options available to us. They have helped to relieve some major stress in our lives. We are excited about becoming financially fit and looking forward to the day when we are able to say, "We are debt free!" Thanks LOC.

- Kim

LOC has given me a trusting and helpful experience. I am so glad that I switched credit unions. Meagan Sanchez from the Howell branch has been the most helpful and knowledgeable person to work with. Thank you LOC!

- David

I have been an LOC member for so many years and they have always been there for me! Most recently, Meagan Sanchez from the Howell branch saved us $700 per month by financing an auto loan and a personal loan to bring my payment down

- Lynne

LOC's Teen Financial Reality Fair taught us a lot to use in our future. We learned about money and how to use it well by spending on needs and not just spending on wants. Overall, this was a very helpful and fun experience.

- Brianna and Alyssa

I thought this was the most well run financial event of its kind that I have ever seen. I am so grateful to see financial institutions like yourselves taking up the gap of what I believe is lacking in educating our children on these invaluable life skills. I would strongly encourage you to continue building up the lessons taught in LOC's Teen Financial Reality Fair that was held on December 22, 2015. I absolutely loved my time volunteering for your event! Thank you.

- Lawrence

I have been an LOC member since it was on Liberty Street. My family has used LOC for savings, checking, Christmas club accountshome equity loansauto loans, investments and the Quackers club. The LOC family is friendly and gives service with a smile.

- Edward

Donna R at the Farmington branch deserves a testimonial. Whenever I come into the credit union, she always explains beneficial information about products and services that pertain to me. Hands up for Donna, she's the best.

- Carolyn

I have been a member of LOC for 37 years and not once have I thought of changing to another institution. From the friendly and efficient handling of everyday finances to the ease of obtaining a auto loan and home equity loan, LOC has always taken good for me.

- Shirley

I have been a member at LOC for 20 years. The services I have obtained for auto loans, mortgages, home equity, personal loans, VISA check card and VISA credit card have always been exceptional

- Charles

Our family have been members of LOC since 1970. Trips to LOC have always been a pleasure dealing with smiling faces, prompt service and great rates. Our family will continue to be members forever. Thank you LOC for all your hard work for its members.

- Greg

I worked with LOC to refinance my home. With some work and a lot of effort, my new loan is saving us over $800 a month! When we weren’t sure what direction would work best for us, team LOC gave us options that we had never considered. If you want quality customer service and to save money, I recommend working with Crystal Wietecha from Howell and her Team at LOC! Thanks for all your help!

- David

Everyone at LOC was very helpful and friendly setting me up with my new accounts and refinancing my auto loan. They suggested the best options to help me save the most money.

- Jon

We were able to reduce our interest rate from 4.50% to 3.99% and from 20 years to 15 on our RV loan. This resulted in a savings of nearly $45,000 if we made the minimum monthly payment. The loan process was simple and mostly done online. Thanks LOC!

- Julie

LOC helped me with refinancing my auto and three personal loans. My monthly payments went from $668 to $325, helping my budget greatly. At the Farmington branch, Kathy R and Ashley P were very caring and helpful through the whole process. All LOC employees are always really helpful and kind. LOC Federal Credit Union is gold.

- Robert

LOC saved me a lot of money in the long run by allowing me to consolidate my high interest credit cards into a personal loan with a much lower rate. Saved me over $350 a month in payments and thousands of dollars in interest.

- Ethan

I truly appreciate LOC! I recently refinanced my vehicle loan and saved $100 a month. Low rates and great personal service are few of the many perks of being an LOC member.

- Melissa

We were thrilled to work with a local credit union like LOC. We had excellent refinancing experience and saved over $300 a month.

- Jackie

LOC's staff is personable, knowledgeable and most importantly has helped me save over $400 a month by refinancing to a low interest rate loan.

- Patrick

I have been an LOC member for over 20 years and could not be more satisfied. LOC has saved me so much money over the years. I would not change from LOC for anything!

- Craig

My wife worked for Farmington Public Schools. She was also a member of LOC. When she passed away the staff at LOC took away any anxiety I experienced concerning LOC account closings. That was not my only support from LOC. Erik Gotaas of LOC Financial Services was a tremendous help in closing other accounts that were not part of LOC. Erik’s professional assistance was so helpful it saved me many, many hours of dealing with “red tape” and I am forever grateful.


Without a doubt LOC Federal Credit Union is the easiest and most helpful financial institution I have ever worked with. They come alongside you when there are questions and offer direction and solutions. Every employee seems friendly and competent, a rare treat! Thank you!

- Janet

I have been a loyal member at LOC Credit Union for over 35 years. LOC has been a friendly and enthusiastic place for me to go to for advice and a place I feel safe dealing with. I feel like family because the tellers greet me with a smile and say my name. They never rush me and truly make me feel I’m important to them. If I ask a question regarding my business, they take care of it and if needed, take me to the person in charge of my question. I could never have the relationship going to any other credit union. I am very satisfied at LOC.

- Agnes

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