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Credit Cards

Shred those extra cards and trim your wallet.

Visa® Platinum Credit Card

Special introductory offer to help you lose those balances quicker!

Do you have a department store or other store credit card with a high interest rate or a promotional rate that is about to expire? Are you looking to transfer balances from other high rate cards?

Let us help in your journey to getting your finances in shape and erasing debt efficiently with 0% APR on all balance transfers for the first six months*.  Even if you're an existing cardholder, you can take advantage of this great offer if you haven’t done so already.

Our Visa® Platinum credit card offers:

  • No annual fee
  • Rates as low as 9.9% APR*
  • A generous grace period
  • No penalty APR
  • No balance transfer or cash advance fees
  • Complimentary around-the-clock fraud protection
  • The ability to tag and monitor your VISA® activity with Life Track PFM
  • Visa Purchase Alerts to help monitor your account against fraud

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Share Secured Visa® Credit Card

Build and improve your credit

LOC also offers a Share Secured Visa® credit card, which allows you to secure your credit limit with the funds in a sub-savings account. This is a perfect option for those looking to establish or improve their credit. Features include:

  • A low 6% APR*
  • No annual card fee
  • Minimum limit of $300 and maximum of $10,000
  • Visa Purchase Alerts to help monitor your account against fraud

Secured funds are not available while the credit card is open.


Using Credit Cards

VISA Platinum Disclosures

View Full VISA Platinum Disclosure

*Promotional balance transfer is for qualified borrowers. Promotional APR available for new balance transfers only. Existing credit balances and new purchases remain at your current APR. 

After the six-month period, all balances revert to the APR disclosed on your credit card agreement. There is no limit to the number of balance transfers that can be made up to your approved credit limit, however, the six-month period starts from the time of your first balance transfer.

After the six-month promotional period, your Annual Percentage Rate (APR) will be 9.9% - 17.00%, based on each member’s individual creditworthiness.

Promotion subject to change. Cannot be used to pay on existing loans at LOC.


Our Members Are Getting
Financially Fit

LOC helped me by getting me a loan to pay off my high interest credit card. They helped me cut 30+ years of payments into 5 years with a great interest rate! Colton was very quick, efficient and friendly and got me squared away in no time! I would recommend Colton to any of my family and friends! Thank you LOC!

Robert and LOCFinancially Fit Together ℠

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