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Visa Checkout

Safe, Secure Online Payments

Make your online shopping secure, simple, and fast by enrolling your LOC Federal Visa® debit and/or credit card in Visa® Checkout.

When you use the Visa® Checkout to store your LOC Federal Visa® debit and/or credit card details, you can avoid the hassle of entering your payment and shipping information each time you make an online purchase from any device. Plus, your information is stored in a single, secure website versus storing your card details on multiple websites you frequent.

How It Works

When you are making an online purchase from your computer, tablet or phone, look for the Visa® Checkout option when you select a payment source.

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Click the Visa® Checkout link and pay with a single login, like you would do for PayPal, for example.

Watch a short video to see how it works.


Enroll In Visa® Checkout

There’s no cost to enroll your cards with this service, and no cost when you use the service to complete a transaction. Simply click on the link below to get started.

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