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Text Us Today at 800-837-4562.

No more taking the time to call and hold for an answer. Is text messaging your preferred method of communication? Simply text your question to LOC and go on about your business. We will get you an answer as soon as possible! Allowing us to text you can avoid a phone call at inopportune times, but is still quick and efficient for the information you require.

  • Conversations are private and secure
  • No cost to participate (Standard data and text message rates may apply)
  • Get information on unscheduled closings, outages as well as emergency notifications
  • Sign up to receive marketing communications
    • Enroll by simply texting "ENROLL INFO" to 800-837-4562*

Text us anytime at 800-837-4562! If texting us during non-business hours, our automated replies will offer quick tips or self-help suggestions. We will then address your question and provide personal assistance back to you during regular business hours.

*Text "QUIT, CANCEL, or SUSPEND" anytime to remove message authorization.

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Let Us Text You, Too!

By texting "ENROLL INFO" to 800-837-4562, you are opting in to our Informational and marketing lists. Your existing relationship with LOC also includes outreach about LOC and new products and services that might be useful to you. If you decide to no longer receive those text message updates, simply text "QUIT, CANCEL, or SUSPEND" anytime and we will remove you from any further text messaging communications.

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