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Why can’t I log in to online banking.
If you are attempting to login in for the first time and don't use mobile banking, please make sure you are using this link to start the enrollment process. You will need:

  • Primary account holders social security number
  • Account number
  • The email address you have provided LOC

If you have already enrolled, it’s likely that your account has been locked due to the number of invalid attempts.

If you don’t remember the email provided or if you need assistance unlocking your account, give us a call at 800.837.4562

What do I do if I can’t remember my password?
You can reset your password online. You will be asked to provide your online banking ID and your email address on file.  We will send you a link where you can answer a security question and reset your password.

Reset Your Password

If you use our mobile banking app, you can also use the Forget Password? option on the login screen. 

Regardless, your password is the same for both online and mobile banking.

How do I know if I am locked out of my account online?
For the security of your account information, we don’t specifically tell you when you are locked out.  If you attempted more than three times, you are locked out and will need to contact us during normal business hours at 800.837.4562 so we can unlock you.

I see a security image that’s not mine, what should I do?
Make sure you have used the correct online banking ID.  If it is not, go back and re-enter using the correct ID.  If the ID is correct, do not provide your password and contact us immediately at 800.837.4562.

Why does online banking look funny on my monitor?
Please make sure you are using one of our supported browsers.

How do I add account nicknames?
You can add nicknames to your accounts by:

  • Clicking on the Settings tab, then Account to add a nick name
  • Please note that any nicknames you create will only show in online banking and not mobile banking.

Can I rename my other accounts under a different account number that I transfer funds to?
This feature is not available in our new online banking.

Where can I find pending deposits?
You can see these transactions by clicking on an individual account's history, then the View Holds & Pending Transactions option in the menu.

Where can I find my pending check card transactions?
You can see these transactions by clicking on an individual account's history, then the View Holds & Pending Transactions option in the menu.

Why am I having trouble accessing online bill pay.
You may need to adjust your browser settings to be able to access online bill pay.

Download this helpful document for more details

Where can I get support for bill pay?
You can call our bill pay support at 800.273.2481.

Does LOC offer a Person-to-Person/P2P payment option?
Our online bill pay service offers a person-to-person payment option. There is no fee to use this feature.  To pay a person, simply:

  • Select Add Payee
  • Select Pay An Individual
  • Select the first payment options from the list. This option is similar in function to PopMoney
  • Allow them to provide their banking information
  • This payment option requires the recipient’s email address and a keyword of your choosing. Your recipient will log in to a secure site using that keyword and provide deposit account information
  • Provide the requested information about the individual
  • Create a keyword for the individual to whom you are sending money
  • They will use this password when accessing our secure website to submit account information
  • Share the Keyword with the individual right away

How do I set up alerts for my accounts?
You can set up alerts by:

  • Clicking on the Services tab, then the eAlerts option
  • Updating your settings.  You can have your alerts sent to two different contact points, if you prefer
  • Clicking on the Add Alert button in the upper right-hand area side
  • Selecting the alert type you want to add by clicking on the appropriate sub-tab. Sub-tabs will vary based on your account relationship

Why have I not received any alerts even though my account has met the criteria?
Please check the format you provide for your alert contact point. Phone numbers should not include dashes. For example the format for your phone number should be 1234567890 versus 123-456-7890.

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