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Get Your Finances on Track for the Upcoming School Year

get your finances on track for the upcoming school year

From students who participate in one of our student-run credit union branches, to those who are starting their journey in college, we want to ensure their finances are ready. From first time savings accounts to opening credit cards to help build credit before going off to college, we want to help your students get and stay Financially Fit Together for years to come.

Get Your Accounts in Order- Whether they’re your accounts or your children’s accounts, making sure everything is in order before school starts is important. If your children are a part of our student-run credit union program, bring them in before summer is over to make a deposit and to check their balances. If you’re not familiar with our student-run credit union program, click here to learn more and find out if we’re in your student’s school and how they can start saving today. Don’t forget, LOC also offers a variety of financing options such as personal loans and the LOC VISA Credit Card to help with your back-to-school purchases.

Create a Budget- Before walking out the door or filling your virtual shopping cart, it’s important to have a plan on what you need and how much you plan to spend. It’s easy to fill your cart while shopping for school supplies but be careful not to overspend. From minor purchases like pens and pencils to major purchases like brand new laptops, back to school season can be an expensive one, just make sure it doesn't destroy your budget.

Time is Money- While heading to the store for sales and specials may be enticing, consider how much time you could save by ordering school supplies and other back to school items online. Perhaps you and your family feel that time is your scarcest resource, searching for deals online may still be your best way to save both time and money! Additionally, if you’re looking for more opportunities to save time, take advantage of the LOC Mobile App. With features like Mobile Deposit, Bill Pay and quick & easy balance transfers, you can easily handle your finances with just a few swipes.

Check Your Inventory- Maybe you took advantage last year and stocked up, or perhaps you were able to save extra on items purchased throughout the school year. Either way, be sure to create a list of everything needed and check your inventory before you start purchasing for the upcoming school year.

Clip Coupons and Use Reward Programs- Now we’re not saying you have to go crazy with the coupons here, but if you’re flipping through the sale papers or scrolling through your phone, keep your eyes peeled for any coupons that could help reduce the cost of school supplies. Also, don’t forget about the Love My Credit Union Rewards program as well as other loyalty and reward programs at local stores. They often will provide coupons and discount codes for upcoming purchases. Every little bit helps!

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