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New Features to our Mobile Apps

LOC has released updated mobile apps for Apple and Android operating systems.  This release includes several new features. 

Add Bill Pay Payee

Allows you to add a payee using mobile banking.  Previously, you could only make payments to payees previously established.

Schedule Travel on the Debit Card

Allows you to alert LOC of upcoming travel so we can make note on your debit card.  You will be able to provide start date, end date and country/state to which you are traveling.

Temporarily Disable and Re-enable a Debit Card

Allows you to temporarily disable or re-enable your debit card.  This will be helpful if you temporarily misplace your debit card until it is found or can be reported lost or stolen.  Also, you may want to temporarily disable a card if it is being left behind while you are traveling.

Request a Replacement Card by Mail

Allows you to request a replacement debit card with the same card number and PIN if your card is damaged or not working. It is important to note that this feature should NOT be used to report a card lost or stolen.

Apple Watch Integration

Allows you to receive basic account information (balances, history) on your Apple Watch.

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