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Mortgage Payments

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Make Your Next
Mortgage Payment Online

Staying on track with your mortgage is getting easier. You can now make your mortgage payments in LOC’s online banking. In addition to making your payment, you will also be able to view your mortgage detail such as:

  • Balance
  • Payment amount and due date
  • Last payment date
  • Remaining payments
  • Principal and interest
  • Escrow amount
  • Late charges
  • Interest paid YTD
  • Interest rate
  • Appraisal amount
  • Mortgage open date
  • Original mortgage amount

To access your mortgage information, you will want add the loan to your My Accounts area on the main page. You can do so by clicking in the "Configure My Accounts" icon circled in red below. 

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Other Payment Options

In addition to online banking, payments can also be made:

  • Mobile Banking.  Please note that not all the detail in online banking is available in mobile
  • Through telephone banking by speaking to a representative in our Contact Center
  • At an LOC branch

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