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How do I order checks / reorder checks?
First time check orders must be in writing – by fax, mail or in person. Reordering checks may be done through Harland Clarke by phone, 877.585.8777, online at The starting check number for the next box is required and no change of name or address is permitted. Reordering checks with name or address changes may be done by phone by calling 800.837.4562 or by fax at 248.473.9960.

How do I do a wire transfer?
Wire transfers are electronic transfers of funds; usually involving large dollar amounts. When wiring money to LOC however, intermediate corporate credit union information must also be included. Wiring into LOC is a three-step process.

Step 1 Wire to:
Alloya Corporate Federal Credit Union
Naperville, IL
ABA/Routing Number 271987635

Step 2 Further Credit to:
LOC Federal Credit Union
Farmington, MI
Account 272479812

Step 3 Final Credit to:
Account Holder(s) Name - Please include all joint owners listed on the account
Member’s Account Number

Ask the receiving financial institution for their wiring instructions before wiring out of LOC. They may also need more information than just your routing and account number. There is a charge for outgoing wire transfers.

Do you have coin machines at your branch locations?
We have a coin machine available for members at our Farmington office. There is no charge for this service if the money is deposited to a youth account, otherwise there is a 5% charge to adults 18 and over.

Does LOC provide notary or signature guarantee services?
Yes, LOC has a notary public available and staff trained to provide signature guarantees for stock transfer amounts up to $100,000. The service is provided free of charge to members and no appointment is necessary.

How do I purchase a US savings bond?
Sales of paper Savings Bonds ended on December 31, 2011. An online account can be used to purchase electronic ones through Treasury Direct. Click on the EE/E Bonds link for EE Bond rates and information. Click on the I Bond link for I Bonds. Your online account can be used for one-time or recurring purchases.

How do I redeem a US Savings bonds?
You are welcome to redeem your paper Savings Bonds at an LOC branch. There is a three month interest penalty if the bond is cashed before five years. It takes about eighteen years for paper EE bonds to reach face value (they used to cost half the face value to purchase) and they now offer a guaranteed rate of return. The day the paper EE bond reaches face value is what most people call the maturity date. Both EE and I bonds earn interest for thirty years, so the bonds at final maturity will be worth more than their face value.

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