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Can I refinance my loan at LOC?
If you have a loan at another financial institution, we will be happy to help you save money by refinancing that loan at LOC. We are unable to refinance existing LOC loans for a lower rate.

How do I apply for a loan?
You can apply for a loan online, in a branch or over the phone

What will my rate be?
Most of our rates depend on your credit score, term of loan and amount financed.  We quote our lowest rate on our website. Once you apply, you will be provided an initial rate based on the information on your application and credit report.

Where can I get payoff information?
You can get payoff information in online banking, in automated telephone banking or by speaking to a representative during business hours. 

How do I set up automatic payment on my LOC loan from my LOC account?
You can set-up automatic recurring payment in online banking.

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