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Digital Wallets FAQ

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Digital Wallets

Are they easy to use?

Yes! Once your card(s) have been added to your digital wallet, checking out at retailers, online or within the apps is super simple! It’s so simple, you may never swipe or insert your chip again! To ensure there are no issues, make sure your device is updated with the most current software. If you do run into any issues, give us a call or visit your device’s site for further instructions including step-by-step directions for your digital wallet.

Is my device eligible to use the digital wallet feature?

The newest device model typically has the ability to use the digital wallet feature. However, some older models may not be compatible. It’s important to make sure you have the most up to date software installed on your device. Not sure if your device is compatible? Head over to your device’s website to confirm compatibility.

Is it safe and secure?

Yes. Using your digital wallet can actually be safer than using your debit or credit card in the traditional way. The specific card details in your digital wallet are protected and you will be required you to use either TouchID or your device passcode to complete the transaction. Each purchase will generate a unique account number, encrypting your actual information to keep your information safe. This provides an additional layer of security when checking out. Additionally, no card information or anything about your identity are involved when making your purchase.

Where can I use my digital wallet?

Digital wallet payments are accepted at most merchants as well as online and when making in-app purchases. A large chunk of independent retailers are also jumping on board with the digital wallets. Ask your merchant to see if they accept digital wallet payments.

Is there a fee associated with using my digital wallet and LOC cards?

There is no cost from LOC to use your digital wallet or add any of your LOC cards to it.

Once my digital wallet is setup, do I have to use it every time?

No. You’re not required to use your digital wallet with every purchase. It’s meant to provide a sense of ease and save you time when you’re out and about. You can still continue to use your LOC Visa Debit and Credit Cards as you normally would. If you no longer wish to have your card(s) in your digital wallet, just open your wallet and simply remove them. This will not have any impact on your physical debit or credit card.

Can I load more than one card to my digital wallet?

Yes, you can store and use multiple cards in your digital wallet, though some may have a limit to the number of cards that can be stored. You will however have to set up a default card. While checking out, you can easily switch between cards within your digital wallet.

What if your LOC card is lost or stolen?

If you use the LOC mobile app, you can turn your LOC debit card off using the card control feature and then call 888.241.2510 within the U.S. and 909.941.1398 for collect calls outside the U.S. to report it. For credit cards, call 800.325.3678. By reporting your card lost or stolen any Digital Wallet transaction associated with your physical card will be blocked. It is recommended that you remove the lost or stolen card from your Digital Wallet on your device and add your replacement card once it has arrived and been activated.

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