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Consolidation Loan

Knock out high-interest debt through using a personal consolidation loan.

Are your finances feeling a little overweight and bloated with high-interest rate debt that seems to be taking years to pay off? Let LOC be your money’s personal trainer! 

We’ve helped members reduce monthly payments and the amount of interest paid at other lenders by offering one of the best debt consolidation loans around. By using a credit card consolidation loan, you can simplify your high-rate personal loans and credit cards at other lenders into one low-rate personal loan.  It’s a great plan for settling credit card and other debt into one monthly payment. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get Financially Fit Together. 

Regardless of which option is best for your situation, we’ll help you get fatter where it counts--in your wallet.

Personal Loan Interest Rates

When you compare us against personal loans from banks and other personal loan providers, you'll find we have some of the best personal loan rates around.  We offer competitive rates for both short term personal loans and long term personal loans as well.

5.90% APR

Fixed Rate

up to 60 Months $10,000 Max

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8.00% APR

Fixed Rate

up to 72 Months; $25,000 Max

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APR = Annual Percentage Rate
Rate and term may vary based on credit score.

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See How to Get Financially Fit

How does a personal loan work? The table below shows a personal loan from LOC might be the best way consolidate debt by reducing your monthly payments to settle debt.  

 LOC Personal Loan*

Other Lender Loan or
Credit Card*

 Approx. Savings at LOC *

$10,000 loan at 5.9% APR
for 48 Months: 
Interest = $1,250

$10,000 loan at 18% APR for
48 months: 
Interest = $4,100


$15,000 loan at 8% APR
for 60 months: 
Interest = $3,248

$15,000 loan at 18% APR
for 60 months: 
Interest = $7,854


$25,000 loan at 8% APR
for 72 months: 
Interest = $6,560
$25,000 loan at 24% APR
for 72 months: 
Interest = $22,388

*Rates based on individual credit history, amount, and term of loan. Loans cannot be used to pay on existing loans at LOC Federal. New money only. Estimated monthly payment on a loan at 5.9% APR equals $23.44 per $1,000 borrowed. Estimated monthly payment on a loan at 8.00% APR equals $20.28 per $1,000 borrowed. 

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Interested in a free personal loan review? Use this form to set up a time to speak with one of our financial fitness coaches.  Or stop by a branch to complete your personal loan application. You can also apply online for your personal loan.  

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